Funny Hunt For Toddlers

Your toddlers and babies will love this hunter game.
When first played, your toddlers and babies may not be able to shoot the moving birds with his/her little hands. Play the game with your baby continuously for a few hours or days, and you will be surprised at the mobile development of your baby’s hands.
Funny Hunt For Toddlers game must be played in the presence of a mother or father, and it is encouraged for you to guide your baby through the game for a few days at first.
When to play!
When your baby is hungry or will not stop crying, playing this game can hold your baby’s attention. (The various sounds, animated shapes stimulate your baby’s curiosity.)
This game is exceptionally handy for mothers and fathers who spend time with their babies but cannot figure out how to spend that time usefully.
This game may be too advanced for infants under 6 months old.
2 Years old game
Playing the application too much or leaving the children alone with the mobile phone or tablet pc is not encouraged.